Aquom Pro-M

SeaGuard AquOm Pro-M is a proprietary blend of natural, non-toxic, safe OMRI-listed minerals to improve fish feed and water quality in the aquaculture industry. It is a dry additive that is shelf stable, non-toxic and safe for fresh water and salt water. SeaGuard AquOm Pro-M increases growth, length and size (increased biomass weight). It improves feed conversion conditions (fish mass versus feed mass) by helping to restore the intestinal flora and improve the transport and function of digestive enzymes, resulting in reduced body fat in meat and increased nutritional assimilation.



Støtter immunforsvaret

Reduserer patogener

Forbedrer fettsyreprofilen (Omega-3 & Omega-6)

Forbedrer kjøttkvaliteten

Hjelper med å forhindre mykotoksin og aflatoksin forgiftning

Hjelper med å forhindre tungmetallforgiftning ved

blokkerer absorpsjon av metallioner over gjellene

Kelererer indre giftstoffer fra blodet via fordøyelse

Forbedrer egghelsen, klekker og steker


Portrait of female owner on sturgeon far

Supports the immune system

Reduces pathogens

Improves the fatty acid profile (Omega-3 & Omega-6)

Improves meat quality

Helps prevent mycotoxin and aflatoxin poisoning

Helps prevent heavy metal poisoning by

blocks the absorption of metal ions over the gills

Removes internal toxins from the blood via digestion

Improves egg health and fry survival


SeaGUard AquOm Pro-M not only improves the health of your fish, but also the water quality in the surroundings. It increases clarity and reduces ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals and prevents harmful algae blooms.